Flora Holland

1945 - 1980


Tall grey-blue mottled vase
This vase is presumably 1960s, and has a mottled soft grey exterior and blue mottled interior. The effect resembles Poole twintone ware. With FLora shield backstamp (too weka to photograph). Pristine condition.

Deer tile
Possibly influenced by the film Bambi (1942), this tile looks to be from the 1960s. There was a matching tile with a similar design but different colouring. Marked with shield backstamp and "handpainted". Pristine condition

Flora Keramiek vase
Mould no. 944 (a smaller 942 was also produced). Chocolate-coloured, and with stacked disk pattern reminiscent of Robert Welch's Hobart candlestick

Eggcup set
with original but unmarked tray in mint condition. Two of the cups have small rim chips, the others are mint.

(of the same type as the item above). The rim has a triangular external profile. These are in mint condition, although the glaze on the pink one is thick and blobby around one of the rim edges. These attractive pieces are becoming more difficult to find.

Peanut set (pindastel)
Some Dutch people considered it unhygenic for guests to dip their fingers into one peanut bowl; sticky-fingered children were viewed with particular distaste. So each person was given a small bowl, and could refill it from the main bowl (black, here) with a scoop. The scoops were originally ceramic, and are usually damaged or missing.

Pink cup and saucer
With the shield stamp and the script word 'porcelina'. From a set of six. All pristine except for one cup that has a rim hairline.

these vases are black with pink and yellow squares on them next to white lines, they stand 3.5" high marked 501 tosca flora gouda holland

This "Rumba" decor dish was made by the Flora factory.
Founded in Gouda after WW2.
In 1980 production moved to the town of Hardenberg.
In 1989 it was bought by Royal Goedewaagen.
It is no longer produced.
This piece will be circa 1955.

a black plateel lady nude figurine probably made by the gouda factory, the piece is not signed and dates from around 1950 but could also be an earlier piece (1930). The condition is very good, only a tiny piece of glazing is gone, left elbow, on her nose is a tiny piece of black paint, but totally not disturbing the piece. Mearurements are: 17.5 inch long, 3.25 inch depth, just over 4 inch high.

Elegant ovoid dish decorated with a sprig of pussy willow - one of the first signs of spring. It is 22cm long and is 6 cm high with Kon Plazuid.