Flora Holland

1945 - 1980

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Lambertus Nienhuis / Bert Nienhuis (1873-1960)
Designer of jewelry, potter. Designed pottery for De Distel and for the tile factory Lotus, which he founded. Designs for pottery were also manufactured by Goedewaagen.


Theodorus Wilhelmus Nieuwenhuis / Theo Nieuwenhuis (1866-1951)
Artist, interior designer, designer of applied art (including ceramics). Best known for his designs of furniture, clocks, lamps, textile, etc. Nieuwenhuis made ceramic designs for De Distel.

Willem Hendrik van Norden / Willem van Norden (1883-1978)
Artist, designer of ceramics. Worked for De Distel and Goedewaagen.

WH van Norden

Jaap Ravelli / Ravelli (1916-)
Potter of (amongst others) brown pottery animal figurines with white glaze.


Ecoline Adrienne van Rees / Etie van Rees (1890-1973)
Ceramic artist.
Etie van Rees has made a lot of (often symbolic) fantasy creatures and was/is a source of inspiration for many of the modern and contemporary ceramic artists. Like Kamerlingh Onnes' work, the work of Etie van Rees portrays the bare essence of human / animal emotions in a way that can only be done by great artists.

Mrs. Johnny Rolf (1936-)
Potter / ceramic artist.
Johnny Rolf is one of the leading contemporary ceramists. Her oeuvre contains pottery, ceramic art, paintings, etchings and drawings. Her work reflects the magic of human emotions and a longing for spirituality but at the same time stays with both feet firmly attached to the ground.
Mrs. Johnny Rolf is married to Mr. Jan de Rooden.

Mr. Jan de Rooden (1931-)
Potter / ceramic artist.
Jan de Rooden's can be described as severe, introvert, monastic. The strong forms of his objects however are just one aspect of his work: he is also uses abstract and symbolic images, glazes and colours to give express himself artistically. His inspirations are Korea and the Cyclades (the icon which from 1960 forms part of his signature is inspired by the latter), Chinese bronzes, and architectural structures.
Jan de Rooden, like his wife Johnny Rolf, is seen as one of the leading Dutch contemporary ceramists.

1958 - 1960:

(some pieces dated)

1960 - 1963:

(some pieces also dated)

from 1963:

(from 1966 with date)

Willem Jacob Rozendaal / Willem Rozendaal (1899-1971)
Glass designer, artist, designer of ceramics at the Sphinx factory.

Willem Rozendaal

Gerharda Johanna Wilhelmina Rueb / Gra Rueb (1885-1972)
Sculptor. Also designed a few ceramic statues of animals at Goedewaagen.


Samuel Schellink / Sam Schellink (1876-1958)
Painter. Worked for Rozenburg as painter of eggshell porcelain. Also worked for Amphora en Goedewaagen. A few examples of his marks (they consist of different combinations of his initials (SS) or of the S combined with the J of Junior):


Johannes Theodorus Schonk / Jan Schonk (1889-1976)
Artist, potter. Made designs for Zuid-Holland and Ivora.

Johannes Theodorus Schonk / Jan Schonk (1889-1976)
Artist, potter. Made designs for Zuid-Holland and Ivora.

Leonardus Johannes Senf / Leon Senf (1860-1940)
Painter and designer of ceramics at De Porceleyne Fles.

Leon Senf

Johannes Franciscus Slot / Frans Slot (1909-1974)
Potter. Student of Chris Lanooy.


Jean Theodoor Toorop / Jan Toorop (1858-1928)
Symbolic artist and designer of applied art. Designed tile paintings for the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam (executed by De Porceleyne Fles) and for Rozenburg.

Jan Toorop

Jan van der Vaart (1931-2000)
Potter / ceramic artist. Jan van der Vaart was one of the leading contemporary Dutch artists. His work is seen as abstract and "geometric-without-frills". The ceramic forms made by him are pure and harmonious.